We need a contract designer to support our development department fundraising.

The Idea: Asante Foundation needed both an art director and production designer to develop and build high-profile print materials supporting multi-million-dollar fundraising campaigns; donor recognition, fundraiser and board events; facilities messaging; environmental campaign graphics; and donor outreach messaging. caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right I’ve worked with Lucas for over 12 years—in three different organizations and two […]

We want to provide an email forwarder for all our members.

The Idea: A technology association needed a system to provide an email forwarding service.  Email sent to members at the association’s domain would be forwarded to their personal email address. The catch was that the association did not want to configure a forwarding service every time a member joined or left.  Members also needed a dead-simple way to manage their own forwarding preferences

Our staff spends too much time answering the same questions on the phone.

The Idea: The staff at Atomic Auto were spending a lot of time on the phone answering the same questions over again. Is my car ready yet? and Will you work on my Geo Metro? topped this list. Travis wanted a phone tree to answer before his shop phones rang, but needed to keep using his existing Google Voice number.  Oops, Google Voice does not have the option for a phone tree…

The company logo is cluttered and the website needs attention.

The Idea: The shop’s owner felt that the Green Drop brand identity did not accurately reflect its commitment to simplicity, approachability, and consumer confidence. The logo was cluttered. Their website was not easily navigated and lacked tools to easily book an oil change online or complete e-commerce transactio

I want customers to order tires directly from my vendor.

The idea: Shop staff were spending a lot of time on the phone with customers talking them through available options when ordering new tires. Good news though! The shop’s tire vendor offers an API for real-time inventory search and live ordering.  I was asked to leverage this API to create a custom shopping cart and ordering system powered by live inventory queried just-in-time for every tire size search.

How can we reduce subscriber churn?

The idea: Green Drop Garage engaged me over a period of 12 months to help launch a new business model of automotive service and repair—Car Repair as a Service. At the end of our 1-year piolt program, the churn rate was higher than we wanted it to be.  We needed to create and deploy targeted onboarding schedules.